The Case for Panspermia

What makes a thing precious?

Jenga and Civilization

How many pieces are really necessary?

A Dialogue on Simplicity (Also cake…)

What is Simplicity, and is it a desirable thing?

The Benefits of Marriage, and why I don’t have them.

“I thought I’d have more time, so I tarried. I was a fool. Now the girls are all married.”

New Bike, Old Philosopher

Or, how to annoy a bike salesman.

How to Get Started, and When to Stop

The most difficult part of anything is just getting started.

Impartiality is Impossible

We should all chose honesty over impartiality, but you can’t have both, because anyone who says they are impartial isn’t being honest at all.

Twisted Trees and Poor Worldviews

Both sides are completely, utterly wrong. Not because of where their prospective viewpoints would lead, but because of where they come from.

Extreme Views: Split the Difference

Don’t let an extreme attitude compel you to be hard on yourself.

Common Types

Tyrants and cowards are so common It is not uncommon to find a person who is both a tyrant and a coward. You probably work for one of them.

Human Capacity in three Sentences

The three types of sentences reveal the primary capacities of the human in any situation.

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