Something to Stand Against

People like to stand against things. Sometimes this is for a cause. They rally against the evils of communism, or stand against the exploitation of capitalism. They stand against pollution to save the trees. They stand against trees to save the highways. Basically, if there is an important issue people stand for, you can always expect someone to stand against it.

Other times we stand against things for more personal reasons. Maybe you hate dogs because you are allergic. Maybe you hate machines because a robot killed your father. I myself hate Wheel of Fortune. I hate it intensely. And I couldn’t even being to explain why.

Wheel of Fortune

It’s like Jeopardy’s stupid cousin.

And then we stand against things simply because its fun. Its cool to be a rebel. I can’t explain why I stand against wheel of fortune. But you gotta stand against something, right?

Standing against things makes us feel like we have agency in a world that is mostly out of our control. It can provide comfort in chaos.

What, then, is the difference between standing against something, and leaning on it? Are they the same thing? Do we actually need the things we hate? Is it ok to yell at the street pole while it supports you?

Leonidas in Narnia


Whether you are passively leaning on something, or actively standing against it, we all need something to support us sometimes. Because the world is chaotic and unstable.


And it’s full of quicksand!

Ideally, we would all have unconditional support. But that is not always the case. Those of us who have family, friends, community, ideals, and all that good stuff are lucky.

If you have nothing to support you, no hopes or beliefs, then you are out in the void on your own. In lieu of support, something to stand against might be the only substitute.

Fake Oreo.

Everyone loves substitutes!

Next time you see someone aggressively opposing a cause or idea, instead of getting mad at them, ask yourself. “If I stole away their opposition, would they have anything left to stand on?”

When someone stands against something, offer them the alternative. Offer to let them lean on you.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Just don’t let them lean for too long. Its dangerous!

Next time you are standing against something, stop and ask if the thing is really supporting you.

Standing against something and leaning on it are the same thing. It is ok to stand against things sometimes, if you have no other support. Just remember not to sweep the legs that are holding you up.