Forms of Arcane Magic (That you can learn, too!)

Who doesn’t sometimes wish they could be like Harry Potter, whisked away to a magical school to become a master of arcane arts? While there is no Hogwarts, there are plenty of institutions where, for a little time and money, you can train to become a master witch or wizard. Below are seven magical skill sets, and where you can learn them. People will be calling you Dumbledore in no time.

Or Voldemort, depending on your outlook on life.

1. Astrology 

Astrology doesn’t get the same respect as its straight-laced cousin, Astronomy. Just because the effects of planets on the human body can’t be as reliably demonstrated as the effects of sunspots on the Earth’s magnetic field doesn’t mean Astrology isn’t important. If you like cool symbols more than math, or are more inclined to talk about love than physics, then there is good news for you! You can actually get a college-level degree in astrology.

Where to learn it:

There are at least six places that offer certifications in astrology. But it is more than just looking at stars and pretending to see things. Some of the courses appear to be quite difficult.

“You will be required to erect mathematically correct natal and progressed charts. You calculations, including rough notes, must be turned in with test papers at the conclusion of the exam. House cusps and planetary positions must be corrected to the nearest minute. The exam may include questions and calculations for south latitude and east longitude. In addition, you will be required to calculate the natal and progressed declinations and to complete an aspectarian.

The crème de la crème of Astrological education is Kepler college, which offers associates, bachelors, and masters degrees in Astrology, and is accredited by the Washington Higher Education Board.

I’m sure Johannes Kepler doesn’t mind at all.

2. Kabbalah

Kabbalah is the ultimate practice of reading between the lines. Instead of reading a book, as it was written down and ostensibly meant to be understood by its authors, you can pry into the words, make crazy connections, and predict the future.

Where to learn it:

The Bnei Baruch Education Center offers extensive courses in Kabbalah. You won’t get to study in a castle, unless you already live in one, because the education is exclusively offered online. Although they seem to be sending mixed messages. According to the BBEC,

“The Kabbalah Education Center courses prepare you to grasp The Zohar’s message and method. This is something a person cannot do on his or her own but only through the proper instruction and in connection with others.”

Somehow that message doesn’t seem to translate well to the realm on online courses.

3. Numerology

Forget trigonometry or calculus, Numerology reveals the real meaning of numbers. With this knowledge, you can make life better for yourself and others.

Although you might want to learn to balance a checkbook the regular, non-magical way.

Where to learn it:

The Windswept School of Intuitive Spiritual Arts offers many courses in Astrology. For pretty cheap, too! (Intuitive Arts, though, seems to suggest you don’t really need to go to school to learn it.) You can learn the history of Numerology, take Numerology 101 and 102, learn how numbers can reveal your own personal goals and challenges, and even use them to predict the future. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Nostradamus?

In the advanced classes, learn how to use Numerology as a predective science outlining general themes, constantly changing the focus of each year, month and day. When students gain understanding of the energy behind the numbers and begin to recognize the flow and rhythm, they are able to utilize this magical practice to their benefit their lives, relationships, businesses and more.

4. Wiccans

If ancient druids skipped ahead in time to the 21st century, they would fit right at home with Wiccans. It is a pagan practice, sometimes called a religion, that focuses on using rituals to wield unseen magic.

Where to learn it:

There is a School if Wicca. If you are a secular type it might not be for you, as there is an attached Church of Wicca. Still, if you fancy becoming a witch or wizard, the School of Wicca offers courses in everything from Essential Witchcraft to Astro Projection to Predicting the future.  At least if you are willing to pay.

Essential Witchcraft Course – $190: The basic correspondence course will give you a thorough grounding in today’s Wicca and will help you understand its underlying mindset.
Astral-Travel – $190: Learn to travel out of your body exploring the past and future in this plane of existence. Explore alternate realities and spiritual realms. Become a part of the astral, traveling, and -exploring population!
Prediction – $190: This course covers 10 or more predictive techniques, including: the tarot, pendulum work, crystal balls, I Ching, palmistry, and black mirror.

5. Alchemy

Don’t let anyone fool you. Alchemy is not a stupid metaphor for the eternal pursuit of knowledge, or any other crap like that. Its real. You can go to school for it. But before you go buying gallons of water to turn into wine for a party, or start investing in lead for your child’s college fund, you should attend a few classes and make sure you have a feel for it first.

Where to learn it:

The Grey School is the most like Hogwarts on this list. And is also the most creepy. It is their mission to create a new generation of wizards. According to the pictures on their site, they even wear robes and everything! Along with a variety of magickal classes like Technomancy and internet safety, they offer courses in Astrology that are serious business. You’ll need safety glasses, rubber gloves, and even a lab coat!

This is an introduction to the scientific and psychological premises of the ancient and modern alchemical arts. Students will become familiar with the basic building blocks of the physical and spiritual universe and see how they interact to create all the things and forces around us.
“It is the mission of this Department to provide a forum for the systematic pursuit of Alchemy and the Magickal Sciences as paths for personal transformation. The Department and its Professors and Senior Students act as Teachers, Mentors and Guides to those seeking to understand the most profound of mysteries – those from which all Magick – indeed all human endeavors have sprung…

You can totally tell they are legit because they use words like, “indeed,” and spell Magic with a K.

6. Palm Reading. (Hand Analysis)

The only thing better than having your hands examined by a weird person is being the weird person who examines other people’s hands.

Where to learn how:

At the hand analysis institute. Where else? According to their website, hand analysis is not the same thing as ancient mystical palmistry. It, like many other magic arts on this list, is a method of self-understanding and enlightenment. One the one hand:

“There is nothing particularly mystical about the process.”

But on the other,

…hand reading is totally mystical and life altering.

So they have all their bases covered.

7. Dousing

Dousing is the ancient art of using sticks to find water in the ground. If only people had known this skill during the great drought that caused the dust bowl. (Maybe people in old-timey pictures wouldn’t look so pissed off.) With this skill, ranchers, farmers and urban planners could all get along. Israel and all its surrounding neighbors would have one less thing to talk about. A new generation of dousers could change the world for the better.

All of your future dowsing experiences will involve Trust…and that’s with a “capital T.” As with your first ‘signal’ over a water vein from your dowsing tool, you are making a commitment to accept a higher power into your experiences, and yet it’s without any physical confirmation other than your ‘sixth sense,’ returning through this tool!

And its more than just finding water. Dousing allows people to connect to a, “higher state of consciousness.” You can use the art to heal yourself, or eliminate bad habits. It’s to bad more people don’t possess this incredible skill, but you can be among the few that do. You lucky wizard, you.

Dowsing is simply the ability to connect to a higher state of guidance—to ask questions and get answers. From a simplistic scientific perspective it is the ability to access information available through the right side of our brains. (In our Western culture most individuals operate almost exclusively through the left side of their brains). Dowsing is a tool that can aid us in expanding our abilities to use a greater proportion of our brains during which whole new possibilities become available to us. By using dowsing as a tool you can access your higher self, your inner knowing. It is a technique that can be learned to connect to your subconscious.

Where to Learn It:

Of course, there is the American Society of Dowsers, but they seem to be an organization for people who already have the skills. But if you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can hire an experienced dowser through their website.

The Dowsers Specialty List is a carefully maintained group of professional dowsers who have demonstrated their dowsing proficiency by providing references from past clients for whom they have dowsed.

If you want to learn how to dowse yourself, Divining Mind offers advice and tips on everything from how to hold your magic sticks, using them to determine depths of water sources or self-diagnose problems without the help of webMD, and even learn how to dowse without those pesky tools in the way.

Like Wandless Magic!

This (Divining Mind) is a place  to gather resources – links, articles and other info to get you started on this exciting journey – dowsing! It is in it’s early stage now and I will try to add to it as we go along. Please remember – there is no single technique that is right for everybody, so try them all and choose whichever feels the most comfortable for you.