Good Reminders

Everybody does bad things sometimes. Even good people do bad things. Why? This question has plagued philosophers, family members, and police officers for as long as bad things have existed.


It’s probably got something to do with magnets.

One reason people do bad things is because they feel like there is something missing. They are trying to fill a void in their lives, Loneliness, unfulfillment, vitamin deficiencies. Sometimes it is just a mysterious feeling of emptiness that we don’t know how to fill.

Sometimes we know exactly what to do, but also know it will take a lot of time and effort. So, instead of doing that, like the ideal person would, we go for a quick fix. Going for easy solutions over proper ones is not always the wrong thing to do. But it usually is. All you do is leave the problem unsolved, and maybe even start on the path to worse things.

Dark Forest

I will just continue on into this dark forest. What’s the worst that could happen?

As long as we don’t go too far, the occasional bad deed is not the worst thing ever. It doesn’t warrant burning in hellfire, or enduring ostracism. In fact, sometimes it takes doing the wrong thing in order to find the right one. Doing bad things to fill the void can remind us that we are missing something. It can remind us that we are supposed to be searching for something. And sometimes doing something wrong reminds us that we are supposed to do things right.

No Smoking

Oh, so I’m not supposed to smoke here. That’s good to know.

When good people do bad things, it doesn’t sit right. It reminds them that they are good. But the world is distracting, and confusing. It is easy to get lost. Sometimes it takes being someone else for a little while to remind us who we are.

But that only works is you have an idea of who you are beforehand. If you don’t know whether or not you are a good person, I suggest you find out. And soon. It is far too easy to get lost if you can’t call yourself home.