Feet, Shoes, and the Examination of Weird

People say a lot of things that don’t hold up to scrutiny. This is good for me, because I absolutely love using scrutiny to tear down statements. I don’t enjoy using scrutiny to prove people wrong. That is just a bonus. Scrutiny is the same thing as examination, and through examination lies the truth. When you examine something wrong, you can prove what is correct. Even if you are examining something stupid.

Throughout my life I have heard it is weird to pick things up with your feet. People certainly appear to be unsettled when they see this. Because it seems to unsettle people, picking things up with your feet has become socially unacceptable. But is it really such a weird thing to do? Maybe people’s unsettlement is misplaced.

Dirty Feet

Maybe feet are just gross.

A human foot, though not as skilled as a hand, is perfectly capable of picking stuff up. What do you think toes are for? They aren’t decorative. They are used to grasp and hold. A decently fit person can easily pick up an object from the floor with their foot, and transfer it into their hand without having to bend over. Not only is this convenient, it also appears to be by design. Nothing is weird when it is following its design.

Yet people clearly don’t like the idea of rampant foot-grabbing. If it is not in fact weird to pick things up with your feet, then there must be something else going on.

Anyone with working toes is capable of using their feet to grab objects, but there is a prerequisite for this. In order to pick things up with your feet, it is imperative that you are not wearing shoes.


Not even shoes like this.

Think of situations when you are not required by society to wear shoes. Most of these have to do with swimming, bathing, or just hanging out at home.

Would it be weird to see someone on the beach pick something up with their foot? What about a person in their pajamas who dropped something? Would it be weird for them to use their foot to pick it up? In these situations, when people aren’t wearing shoes, it is perfectly acceptable for them to use their feet to pick stuff up.

Now, think of times when we are required to wear shoes, which is pretty much all the time. Imagine someone at the office or grocery store picking something up with their foot. In order to do this, they would have to not be wearing shoes, which is weird enough. Or, they would have to remove their shoes and then pick up the object, which is almost too weird to handle.

People are uncomfortable with the idea of using feet to pick things up. Their discomfort is misplaced. People say it’s weird to pick stuff up with your feet, but they are wrong.

What’s weird is not wearing shows when you are supposed to. Examination reveals the truth.

Looking into the Boot

The unexamined shoe is not worth wearing!