Temporary Paradise

The most difficult part of the day is just getting out of bed in the morning. If you can pull yourself out from under the covers, then the rest of the day will be relatively easy. In the morning the bed feels like paradise, and if you can willingly leave paradise, then you can do anything.

What, exactly, makes lying in bed in the morning so great? It could be that the bed is just extremely comfortable, but this explanation doesn’t really hold up. I have slept on comfortable mattresses and unforgiving floors. It makes no difference in the morning. I could fall asleep on a cloud or pass out on a bed of nails. Either way, I won’t want to get up in the morning.

bed of nails

Be careful ordering beds online!

Perhaps I am just depressed, but I don’t think that is the case. I have a cool life with things to do. When I don’t want to get up its not because I can’t face the world. It is simply because I don’t want to leave paradise. I know I will eventually have to arise. Even on weekends I still need to get up and go to the bathroom. Although, wetting the bed might make it easier to get up.

What makes the bed feel like paradise when you know what you must leave? Well, that’s exactly the point. The bed feels like paradise because you must leave. Lying in bed is paradise because it is temporary.

Many religions and belief systems present the idea of an eternal paradise. Whether through a Zen-like mindset in the now or an undying garden in the afterlife, people like things that promise feelings of unending comfort. I don’t know if eternal paradise is something we should expect, or even something possible. Like lying in bed, maybe what makes any paradise so alluring is that it is only temporary. Would the Garden of Eden seem so great had Adam and Eve been allowed to stay? Probably not. It would just be normal.

Garden of Eden

“We’re bored!”

Letting yourself snooze a little longer in the morning is great, but staying in bed all day would get boring. Eating a cookie can provide a brief escape to a transcendental plane. Being presented with an infinite number of delicious cookies is terrifying. More like torture than anything else.

Eternal paradise is a compelling concept, especially because it can’t exist in reality as we understand it. Many people spend their entire lives thinking about the paradise that awaits them in the afterlife. There may or may not be an afterlife. I don’t know for sure. Maybe the true paradise, though, is life itself. Life is a temporary condition, after all. Like when the sun shines for a brief moment on a cloudy day, or when you are lying in bed in the morning and if feels so good because you know you have to get up. Maybe temporary things are more valuable than permanent ones. Maybe brief moments are better than all of eternity.

Or maybe I should just stop being lazy, and learn how to get out of bed in the morning without making it such an ordeal.

Peaceful sleeping

Or not.