Birds, Shade and Cosmic Balance

Everything in the universe is part of a constant trade-off, keeping things in balance. You can’t have light without creating shadows. You can’t have life without introducing the possibility of death. And you can’t have awesome power without terrible responsibility.

I think we all intrinsically know this. You can’t have good things without the possibility of bad things. Sometimes, though, we need more concrete examples to illustrate instinctive knowledge. The type of example that makes you say, “Oh yea, but I already knew that.”

Young Scholar

Most of us don’t know what we’ve already learned.

It is easy to get lost in grand visions of cosmic balance, but the constant trade-off in the universe can be seen in something as simple as parking your car underneath the shade of a tree.

Parking under trees is good. Especially during a hot summer day. Trees produce shade, which can help keep your vehicle cool so you don’t burn your hands on the steering wheel or cook your butt on the seat.

burnt car

“Do you smell something burning?”

Parking under trees is also bad. Trees provide shelter for birds. Its where they live. Birds are fine if you like feathers and songs, but the things about birds no one likes to talk about is that they are constantly pooping. Constantly. So, if you park your car under a tree it will stay cool, but there is a 99.9% chance when you return to your vehicle it will be covered in bird poop.

You must decide what is more important. Keeping your car cool, or keeping your car clean. It is a tough choice, and the truth is you probably won’t be happy either way. But that’s just life in the cosmos, I guess.

The Universe: Getting poop in things since 15,000,000,000 Y.B.P.