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History and Fortune

From a certain, and extremely common perspective, history can be seen as the rise and fall of individual leaders. According to this perspective, the story of Rome did not belong to the people… Continue reading

Birds, Shade and Cosmic Balance

Everything in the universe is part of a constant trade-off, keeping things in balance. You can’t have light without creating shadows. You can’t have life without introducing the possibility of death. And you… Continue reading

Things We Never Get

If a life in pursuit of excellence is a life well spent, then the well-spent life should be easy to come by. Everyone has things they want to get good at. Everyone has… Continue reading

Who Really Cares About the Sanctity of Life?

A nice little article about gun control, abortion, and ideological consistency. Move along, folks. No controversy to see here…

Speaking with Inertia

Everything is governed by the laws of physics, even things that have nothing do to with physics at all!

The Lion, the Fox, and the Human

What type of creature should you be?

The Power of Ignorance

What can we gain through deliberate ignorance?

Stumbling through the Hallway of Life

Life is like a journey through a long hallway. The kind of corridor you would find in an old school or hospital. As you make your way past all the doors, all the… Continue reading

The Real Peril of Fake Treasure

Perhaps one of the greatest joys in life is finding treasure. We tell stories about finding treasure, and dream about how our lives will change once we discover our lost horde of gold… Continue reading

Some Advice for Making Decisions

All decisions are interesting because the process of decision making is always contradictory. On one hand, making decisions can make you feel very empowered. On the other, making decisions can lead to terrible… Continue reading

Knowledge as a Kind of Friendship

Everyone knows what knowledge is, but knowledge itself can be difficult to think about. What does it mean for a person to be knowledgeable? If someone knows a lot about one thing, but… Continue reading

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