Stupid Slogans

Every company has a slogan to help them sell their products. This is a viable marketing strategy. Most companies try to come up with slogans that are pithy and intelligent, or at the very least, will make people laugh. Unfortunately, many slogans fail to achieve these goals. They crumble when examined with any amount of critical thought, and if they make people laugh, it is only because they are so stupid.

For a long time Microsoft’s slogan for its Windows operating system was, “Life Without Walls.” This sounds inspirational, and was obviously designed to get people to associate the Windows operating system with freedom and flexibility. However, there is at least one prudent question that should be asked in regards to this slogan: Don’t you need walls in order to have a window in the first place?

The Windows slogan is an example of a good idea that is not completely thought through. It has its inaccuracy, but there are definitely worse slogans out there. Slogans that can be described as nothing else but idiotic.

The worst slogan I have seen in recent memory is the current slogan for Cheetos brand corn snacks. They have commercials that are mildly amusing, and then ruin them with the addition of the stupid slogan, “Grab a Cheetos break, with Cheetos.”

This is a horrible slogan. Like you are going to grab a Cheetos break with anything but Cheetos. Is that even possible? I never expect to be watching yet another block of annoying commercials and have one implore me to, “Grab a Cheetos break, With Pepsi.”

Although that would be funny.