The Greatest Luxury

Everyone wants a bit of luxury in their life. Some people go to great lengths and spend literal fortunes to have access to luxurious things. These people are fools. Luxury doesn’t need to be exclusive or expensive. One of the most luxurious things a person can do is take a nap in the middle of the day. Naps are free, and they are amazing. It’s pretty tough to beat that.

Alas, not everyone appreciates the easy luxury of the nap. Maybe they see taking a nap as a waste of time. Perhaps they think they have more important things to do. Or maybe they resist naps today because they resent being forced to take them in their youth. Of all the reasons to hate taking naps, I think resentment is the best one.

comfy bed

“No amount of comfort can undo my childhood trauma!”

There are reasons to not like naps, but none of them are good. Naps are too great to be disqualified as a legitimate activity by a bit of bad reasoning. A good nap really doesn’t take that much time. Half an hour is plenty. If you wake up from a nap more than an hour later than you started, you weren’t really napping. You were just sleeping in the middle of the day. It is a subtle difference between napping and full-on sleeping, but a still a crucial one.

Naps don’t take a lot of time, and taking a nap is a great way to kill a little time. In a natural, productive life there are many little moments where there just isn’t much to do. You could be bored for these nothing moments and go back to activity a little bit annoyed, or you can take a quick nap and return to work refreshed. The choice seems clear to me. If you are too busy to ever consider taking a nap, then you probably need one more than anyone.

Baby businessman

“I don’t wanna take a nap!”

We all get stressed sometimes. Taking the occasional nap is the least-harmful way to relieve this stress. No one ever overdosed on a nap. No one ever ruined their life because they took a siesta. If your life can be destroyed by an hour of asleep, then your life was a mess already. Or you simply picked a really bad time to go to sleep.

Finally, we come to the most important reason we should all take more naps. People who take naps support the pillow and blanket industry. Every time you settle in to your preferred napping location and get all cozy and comfortable, think about the family you helped feed when you bought that warm blanket and that soft pillow. You don’t need to have a pillow and a blanket every time you take a nap, but its better if you do. It helps the economy.

Crimson Permanent Assurance

“People aren’t buying enough blankets!”

Naps are the greatest, and most accessible, of all luxuries. There is no better way to escape the world than by taking a nap. It is like having a brief out-of-body experience, only not scary or weird. There is no pressure in napland. There are no deadlines in dreamworld. Everything that needs doing can still be done when you wake up, as long as you don’t sleep for too long.

If you are against taking naps, then you are either a toddler or an idiot, and I feel sorry for you.


Now, go to sleep and think about your life!