To Control Others, or Control Yourself

Power is important. Everyone knows this. Yet few of us seem to know what power really is. There are different types of power, or course, but are they interchangeable? Can electrical power be exchanged for political power? Can political power be exchanged for spiritual power? If different types of power are not interchangeable, then what is the best type of power to have?

Humans are social creatures. As such, much of what we do revolves around other people. Whether we like it or not. Thus, when people speak about power they are often speaking about power over other people. According to Dr. Wade Nobles, “Power is the ability to define reality, and have others respond to you definition as if it were their own.” I have little knowledge of how to gain this sort of power. I don’t believe I can define other people’s realities. Even if I could, I don’t know that I should. I can’t control other people, but I think I am learning how to resist being controlled.

Resisting the control of others is really quite simple, but requires a technique that will be unpalatable to some.

Taking Medicine

“Yuck! This philosophy takes bad!”

The greatest power is the ability to control other people, to define their reality. This is like jumping into a wrestling ring. You may be the mightiest person ever, and jump into the ring to take control. As long as you are exerting control over others you are in this ring, and risk the chance of some new champion jumping in and exerting control over you.

Or think if it like a race. You might have a commanding lead, but as long as you are racing, someone else can come from behind and take the lead. The race for power never ends, and no one stays in the lead for very long.

If you don’t want others to have power over you, it is better not to enter the ring. To stay out of the race. You can’t win of you don’t play, but you can’t lose, either.

Time Trial

Life is more like a time trial anyway.

If you want to have control over other people, you must expose yourself to being controlled. If you don’t want to be controlled by others, you have to give up on controlling them.

People who seek freedom should only try to exert control over their own minds. People who want to be free should only try to hold power over their own selves.

Many people want power more than they want freedom. They don’t want to define their own reality, they want to define everyone else’s. They often end up losing the power they were looking for.

If you give up on controlling other people you will never gain power. This is true. If you give up on controlling other people, then other people will not be able to control you.

How many people do you know who wield enormous power, and yet they seem to be afraid all the time? Somehow, I don’t think power is worth it.


“No! I’m not afraid! I just have these bodyguards for no reason…”